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Slide Wakamono Corporation

Most Valuable Technical Innovation 2021
Slide Each Mask Layer Has Different Characteristics Slide #wearamask Slide "Masks are not theater,
- Dr. Fauci masks are protective"
Slide EVERYONE DESERVE PROTECTION THE FIRST SURGICAL MASK IN THE WORLD WITH ANTI-CORONAVIRUS ACTIVITY WAKAMONO Surgical Mask applied GECIDE fabric has been evaluated the completely inactivation effect to SARS-CoV-2 up to 99%* and other microbial agents including HUMAN CORONAVIRUS, INFLUENZA A H1N1** -the enveloped viruses and POLIOVIRUS-I** – the non-enveloped viruses. Slide Virus Protection
MICELLIUM NANO BIOTECH with GECIDE that can prevent 99% of CORONA VIRUS to help fight the spread of this deadly virus. This surgical mask is actually a natural shield providing us more level of protection.
4-layer design can provide more protection. Especially, the GECIDE frabic layer which is integrated in the second layer can play a role as a natural killer. The best thing about this layer is that it is very safe for humans, friendly for environment and very effective against viruses including Coronavirus.
Slide Anti Coronavirus Surgical Mask Slide The World's first
99% Anti Coronavirus Mask
US - Level 3 (ASTM F2100-19)
Slide “We aim to commit ourselves to
not only COVID-19 pandemic but also other diseases responses that could be happened in the future”.
- Wakamono's CEO

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We are taking the lead in new technologies research by equipping with modern machines, transferring technology and international cooperation.

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“We aim to commit ourselves to not only COVID-19 pandemic, but also other diseases responses that could be happened in the future”.



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